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If you are reading this, then you are already interested in acupuncture as a therapy and how you may benefit from such treatment. Acupuncture is a very safe and painless therapy.  It is an excellent choice in treating many different conditions alongside your Dr's medicine or as an individual treatment option.

An ever increasing number of medical professionals support acupuncture and are interested in it's capability to alleviate many different problems and conditions. 

What our Clients are saying


Louise has treated me for several years, and has helped me tremendously.  She is a highly qualified and excellent practitioner and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

— Julia, Lichfield

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About Louise


"I've been in practice since 2004, having qualified in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture from the Northern College of Acupuncture after studying for 4 years.  Since then I've completed further study in Korean Ear Acupuncture, Master Tung Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture and the treatment of individual conditions particularly Fertility, Pregnancy and IVF Support.  I first became interested in Acupuncture after receiving treatment for a back injury incurred in my 20s and was blown away by it's dramatic affects both physically, mentally and energetically.

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I have a particular specialism in Fertility (see Womens' Health) but am also interested in the treatment of all injuries and illnesses.  I am a strong advocate of boosting general health, fighting fatigue and strengthening energy.  I believe people have the power to maintain and encourage good health long into their Golden Years.  Acupuncture guides the body to restore it's blueprint of perfect health.  Equally ongoing nutrition, exercise and positive attitude maintains it."

Louise Kesterton

Diploma in Acupuncture (Chinese Medicine)

BAHons - University of York