Clean the Air in your Home with Herbs!

A virus may travel upon water droplets in the air, which are dispersed when a person sneezes or coughs. These water droplets may come into contact with the individual’s hands or any objects around them. Along with boosting our immune systems, washing our hands, purifying the air in our homes may help us to reduce our chances of contracting viruses.

This is a 100% natural way to detoxify the air in your home, car or place of work:

Medicinal Herbs

Use just like an Air Freshener!  

Place the herbal bags around the home or in the porch as a safe and easy way to help detoxify the air. The herbal formulas has been recommended by herbalists in China, who were involved in the treatment of Coronavirus, and are different according to seasonal need. 

Ingredients include fragrant herbs such as Mugwort Leaf, Patchouli, Cloves and Peppermint.

For best results replenish every 2-3 weeks so the herb oils remain fresh and effective.

Cost: £6 per 28g bag

Please contact Louise for more information.

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Natural Herbs