Womens' Health

Acupuncture is an effective treatment for women of all ages, regulating menses, easing discomfort and pain, soothing the tension of PMS and taking the heat out of the menopause. It safely complements conventional medicine and is recognised to assist in the treatment of many gynaecological problems and aids fertility/pregnancy. If you are receiving conventional treatment but are interested in receiving acupuncture, please do not hesitate to contact me or speak to your consultant.

Woman in Pain

Treatable conditions

Infertility - Acupuncture is a great modality to assist with fertility and help couples conceive naturally or with the assistance of IVF, IUI, Clomid etc.. Regulation of a woman's cycle, stress reduction, diet and increased energy all help to create the right environment for conception.

Pregnancy - Once pregnant, acupuncture can help to maintain a healthy pregnancy and continued post-natal health. It can specifically aid morning sickness, high blood pressure, fatigue, back pain. Towards the end of the pregnancy it can turn a breech baby and be used to help induce labour when a woman is past her due date.

Menopause - Some women either can't or choose not to take HRT. Acupuncture can help to reduce menopausal symptoms: hot flushes, sweats, insomnia, anxiety and fatigue.

PMS+PAIN - No woman should have to suffer painful periods, mood swings or fatigue. When the body displays these symptoms it is out of balance. Acupuncture aims to restore this balance thus alleviating the problems many women experience.

Irregular Periods/ Pcos -  There are many reasons why a woman's period can go out of cycle.  By resolving issues of imbalance and working alongside the phases of a 'healthy' cycle, Acupuncture can help, with time, to gently guide menstruation back into a healthy pattern.

Other Treatable Conditions include - Endometriosis, Pelvic Pain, Heavy Periods and more…

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