Immune Support.
"A Holistic Approach to Personalised Nutrition"
Robust health and a strong immune system starts from within at a deep cellular level.
If the energy of the body does not function effectively on a micro scale, how can it support the efficient functioning as a whole?  As we know Acupuncture is all about energy, so how can the body heal if our cells are weak?
This is why Louise has partnered with leading nutritionist and Naturopath,
Virginia Dutton founder of Regenerative Health, who's supplements are designed primarily to support energy by restoring and promoting good cellular health as well as a healthy DNA expression. 

What Makes it Different?


Virginia says:

"We wanted to created supplements that were good for people and kind to the planet.  Our formulas are created using responsible and ethical food practices and sustainably sourced, organic, clean ingredients. We believe in the power of Nature to heal and restore our health from the inside out, which is why our formulas are made from natural ingredients that are synergistically combined in a unique way, to support your energy and a healthy DNA expression.

If you support your body’s built-in repair systems, with a good diet, and highly absorbable well-formulated nutrients you significantly improve your ability to stay fit, healthy and happy."

For more information please contact Louise.


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